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Don't freak it's me not me! As I am still "dogless at the moment." :(

But we have a member on GSDForum, that has this problem?? And sadly as most should know "anyway" our beloved Breed Boxers are also known by the Medical Community as "Cancer in a Box!"

My vet said that to me when "Struddell" was in for shots. He blushed and said sorry. I said know problem I already know. Alas it was not Cancer that took her from me, it was DM. :(

At anyrate I know members on here know medical stuff so if someone has "first hand experience " with this form of disaster??? And is willing to share ... I'd like to make a connection??? And if it matters the member did not say but I know she has "Boxers" also?? But I did not ask, as it really does not matter in my view.
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