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must ask questions for a dog walker

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i need to start interviewing dog walkers for Madeline.
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bonded or insured...?

ask trainers for referrals...

ask your vetfor referrals...

do they play before they re-crate?


training they have?


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How much time do they spend during their visit?

Do they administer medications if necessary?

Weather---what happens if there is a storm or they come?

Do they require 2 house keys (in case one person should not be able to make it for some ther a back up available? We had to turn over 2 keys to ensure that someone would be there no matter what...medical emergency, weather emergency, etc.)

what is their procedure if there is an emergency? We provided our vet information and they are allowed to use their own judgment to take our pet to the vet if an emergency arises, calling us if possible, and we reimburse.

Our requested a LOT of details, which was comforting, about their personalities, their afternoon potty habits, do they need to be fed, watered, what products to use to clean up if there is an accident, where to place dirty towels, etc, any allergies, which treats can they give (after we said that they could give treats), where to play, where to potty, etc. We also instructed to give each a kong from the freezer when they go back in their houses.
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This is excellent info, I'm going to make this a sticky so everyone can find this easy...... :)
I looked at our contract and questionnaire with the walkers and saw what else they inquired about:
Whether we want them to bring in packages/mail if it's at the door.
Whether they should clean up after the dogs outside.
Where in the house they (the dogs) are allowed/not allowed.
If there is an electronic fence (we do, but it's only for playtime, so we advised them not to use it).
We also gave them a brief tour of the house so they were comfortable.
What back up telephone numbers were for emergencies (such as contacting my father should they be unable to reach us in an emergency).
Who was microchipped and through what company.
They also took detailed of ours needs to be leash walked to go potty, one needs to be on the runner as he won't go if we are leash walking him.
They also asked us one should go out at a time (and, if so, in what order)or whether they can go outside together.
What basic commands do they know (and what is their cue for each...a great thing for them to know..."heal" does the walker no good if that is not the cue you have trained your dog with).
Although we haven't used them for overnights at all, they did ask things (in preparation should we ever need to call), where they sleep at night, what they are fed, how many treats, how much, what times, etc, as well as things like watering plants, etc.

You want to be sure the person(s) take note of all these details. Staying consistent with your normal routine makes it easier for both the walker and the dogs. A lot of their questions related to things I would just never had thought to mention. And I believe their attention to these details is what makes the company so successful.
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wow, i had no idea there was so much to ask!!
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