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my babies

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here are my new babies whelped on december 26


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if the first and second ones aren't the same dog, they look like little cute!!!!
Welcome to the forum - this must be post your newborn day.   As cute as they are, I would love to hear more about the parents.  Not trying to be rude or take away from their cuteness, but this forum supports ethical breeding and reputable breeders.   As that said, not making any judgements on your breeding practices, would love to hear more about the parents and why you decided to breed.    :lol:
thanks for all your comments. We have 5 adorable puppies. 1red dog, 3 red bitches and 1 brindle bitch all beautifully marked. i started breeding 5 years ago with my first bitch Xena. she was purchased through what you would call a BYB. i had a little intrest in showing although i did not show her. She had a few faults against her. We then bred her to an Aust.Ch. show dog and produced 4 lovely puppies still not quite show quality but a great improvement on their mum. One of these puppies was Bella, the mother of these puppies. she was bred to another Aust.Ch showdog and this is her second litter. All of these pups are well marked and hopefully show quality( a bit hard to tell yet). although this is only my third litter, reputable breeders have to start from somewhere. Ihave taken a lot of advice and assistance from a reputable breeder and a very well respected member of the victorian (aust) boxer community. my  aim in breeding was to produce a high quality boxer which originated from my very ordinary but much loved xena. therefore improving my lines.                                                      Thank-you for allowing me to explain.                                                                                                                           Dean                                                                                                                                                                         Melbourne Australia
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hard to believe those tiny little babies will be able to knock on your butt in a few months! :lol:  they are so precious, great pics!
The all have beautiful markings, congrats on the new arrivals!! :D
Beautiful puppies.
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