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My baby Zora :((

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She has been in the vet hospital since Moday night. Her body has been really ouchie for about 2 weeks. Every time we would pick her up she would cry and she kept crying in her sleep. At first we thought it was her legs, went to the vet took x rays and nothing was found, sent her home with pain meds. Four days later she was worse. Its hard to explain but her belly dropped kinda like a hernia. More x rays, still nothing. After tons of tests she has a bad infection caused from trauma. They put an IV in her for stong pain meds and antibotics. Now she has a drain in her belly. Probably the other dogs playing to rough, not sure. I will be able to bring her home but Im scared to death. With that drain Im going be a nervous wreck.  :-SS

Any suggestions?
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Ive never been through this or know about it but just wanted to say im so sorry and I hope she gets well soon. She is such a cutie.
awwwwwwwwwww im so sorry !...i would be nervous too..went through the drainage thing with our 20 pound siamese..of course he pulled it out 2 days later :roll:

keep us posted...ask a million questions of the vet and make sure you have a number to call at night just in case....

we are here when ever you need to talk :D

Oh my goodness! 8O  :(
That sounds horribly scary!  I don't know what to tell you.
We'll pray for y'all!
I would be scared too, with the drain.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Sorry to hear that! Hope Zora is feeling better soon! I know I just hate it when my babies are sick.
Oh my, poor Zora....What could have happened? I imagine it's possible that it could have happened in play, but kinda strange...So, you are bringing her home with the drip? I would say you would need to keep her isolated, possibly crated or use a baby playpen or something...Obviously she needs to stay quiet, yea right, she's a Boxer puppy....Sendings tons of healing vibes to Zora and hoping she gets well real soon :)
Vet just called and they took the drain out...Thank god. There sending her home on antibiotics and pain meds. Im gonna pick her up at about 6 tonight. Thank you all for the well wishes...I will keep you updated...
Glad she's coming home...Like us, our babies seem to recupe better when they are home..Glad the drip is coming out, much easier for you  :)
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa for Zora whooo hooo let us know how it goes :D
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