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My Girl is 4 today!

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Woowoo!  Happy Birthday my Maggie Mae,  AKA Maguiness.  She is my cuddle bug, a drool machine, a toddler face licker, a peanut butter lover,  a great soccer player and just has been the sweetest little girl one could hope for.  I feel so lucky to have her!  
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Aaahhhh Happy birthday!!! Hope you get spoiled rotten  :)
Happy Birthday Maggie Mae!! Hope you get lots of PB today!!!  :D  Sadie sends a slobbery wet kiss your way!
Happy Birthday To You!!  Hope you have a great day <:p
Happy Birthday Maggie Mae (love that name), hope you get lots of toys and treats.
Happy Birthday Mags!
Happy Birthday Maggie Mae and hope you and your family have a great day celebrating your B-day!!!
Happy Birthday Maggie Mae!!  Chloe sends some happy birthday kisses also. Hope you have a great birthday!  :)
Happy Birthday!!
[align=center]Sweet! A Happy Birthday to the lovely and msot goregoues Maggie Mae![/align]

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We always get Kaci and Milo a cake and "Boxer Brownies" for their birthdays from Three Dog Bakery (locations: Is Maggie getting anything special for her birthday? :D
The Dog  Bakery, that's cool!  I am going to stop at the pet shop on the way home from work and pick up a special treat.  (and of course give her some of that yummy peanut butter!!!)
Happy Birthday!
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