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my growing boy :proud:

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I forgot to mention how big Henry has gotten.
The other day when we were at the vet, they weighed and measured him.
He will be 17 months old on Saturday.  He is now 25 inches tall and weighs 66 pounds! 8O
I'll try and get some new pics up later.
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Wow...what a tall boy! We do need updated pics Z!  :lol:
Oh my, Henry is a big boy!!! Yup, we definitely need some new pics of him  :)
Can't wait to see updated pictures of Henry. Wow, he is about the same age and weight as Kiah; she was 17 months on the 19th and weighed 63lbs in October, they didn't put her weight on her paperwork when we got her shots in early January.  I think she is about 24" so not quite as tall.
Wow big puppy, can't wait to see pics

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He's getting to be such a big boy!!!!! Can't wait to see lots more pics!!!
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