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My little graduate!

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Lucy graduated from Intermediate class last night - yippee!!! I was so proud of her. In order to pass, she had to perform several tasks:

Sit-stay with distraction (ball bouncing and rolling about 6 inches from her)
Sit-stay from a distance (about 50 ft.)
Sit-stay from a distance with distraction (a volunteer calling her to come to him) and then heel to me past him.
Sit-stay from a distance to heel to me and around to my left side and sit.
Meet and greet a stranger without breaking a sit-stay

She did everything perfectly! She really stayed focused on me and my instructions t her last night. It was an awesome training night. She will be starting the advanced training in April.

Sampson was in this class too, just as a refresher, and he, of course was awesome. The trainer was nice enough to allow him to come at no charge since he had already been through all the training.
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Congrats Lucy!! Way to make momma proud
WAY TO GO LUCY WOOHOO. THATS EXCELLENT. CONGRATS We are waiting to get Blitzen in training classes  :dance:
Great job Lucy:

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Congrats, I've got two that would fail those tests.  I will say we took them both to the dog park and it was actually Sadie that behaved and listened.  Shocked the crap outta me!
Believe me, I was shocked too. Especially, when the trainer said these tasks must be performed without treats!!!!
WooHoo!! Way to go Lucy...and Sampson! You too Mom! Great Job!  
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GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WooHoo Lucy, way to make Momma proud!!!!
Fantastic job, maybe she can teach Oscar...
Yay!  That's awesome!

Where did you go for training?  Man's Best Friend?
No, we went the Petsmart route. Man's best friend was quite costly and when I checked, I believe that is the one where you leave your dog with them for a couple of weeks and I wasn't game for that.
Way to go Lucy!!
That is quite the impressive list of tasks!
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