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My new best mate! & a potty training Q

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A couple of pics of my little mate Tito.
He's 10 weeks old and his potty training is coming along ok.  Just one problem.... His aim is someway off when aiming for the paper!  he is getting the idea of going to the paper by the door, but more often than not will completely miss.  Is this normal?  He walks out of his crate or from playing and to the back door where the paper is, does his buissness then comes back.  He gets lots of praise/treats when he does it right and has also started circling the back door sometimes when he wants to go out (where he also will go and gets even more praise).
I've only had him one week and in that time he has learned the above plus to sit and (somtimes!) give his paw, so I know he is responsive to training and the treats - Could he just have an aim like his dads after a few to many beers??!!


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tito is adorable!
Ya gotta figure, it's tough to aim when you can't actually see whats going on down there!  My boy will go outside and pee all over his feet without even realizing it sometimes.  Sounds like he's doing great if he's even getting close to the area you want.
wow he is a real cutie!!! I dont have any advice on the aim thing as i never did the paper training for Chance so all i can say is good luck and welcome to the forum from myself and Chance!!
What a cutie! Sounds like he is pretty smart already!
Hello, i'm always chuffed when a fellow U.K-ey joins the forum. Welcome on board! Tito is so cute :D ! And as for the peeing, Voltaire also still pees on his feet at age 3 years :roll: . Sometimes they'll start, get distracted and move on even if they haven't finished - get used to it :lol:
p.s. I think Tito's already really clever to be going on the paper at 10 weeks even if he misses. :wink:
Tito is adorable and welcome to both of you.  Sorry can't help with the potty issue, but he's still young and seems to be getting the basic idea down.  I guess it just takes some practice to get the aim right.
oh isnt he just the cutest?? love his white collar :D
What a cutie! Welcome to the forums.
As far as the aiming issue, our male boxer (who will be 1 Tuesday) had the same fact, we used to accuse him of trying to spell out his name when he went. He would just walk and pee at the same time. He does much better now and is starting to lift his leg. Sounds like it's a normal issue. Good luck!
Tito is so cute, hopefully his aim will get better as he get older.
Hello & Welcome!  Tito is a cutie!!  Sounds like he's doing great for 10 weeks!  Maybe just start bringing him outside all of the time, that way he doesn't pee on your floor!!   Good luck with everything!
Tito is so cute! It sounds like he's learning fast with his potty training. At least he's getting the idea as to where you want him to go!

Aww, welcome to you and your little cutie :D I'm sure his aim will improve with time, really good that he's getting the idea of going to the door already!
Tito is a handsome guy....As for the aim, he'll get better as he gets older, course Samson used to delibrately try and pee on smaller dogs, so I know his aim is just fine  :lol:
I never agreed with paper training.  I believe if he is going as far as the door to go out why not just take him out to go.  We have a bell on the door knob and we help him ring it when he is ready to go out.  We are training him to let us know when we are not in the room.  Our late boxer Bo was also trained this way and he would actually "Box" at the bells on the door.  Our new puppy Rocky is 14 weeks old now and he is doing really well.
Welcome to the forum and Tito is such a little cutie. Sounds like things are going very well for his age! He's still very young, he will get the hang of it. Otherwise, I don't have much advice as I have a female and we didn't paper train. Good luck with the training!
I'd say he is doing well for his age and him missing the spot isn't a big deal. Soon he will learn to mark the spot correctly.
Thanks for the reassurance.  :D   Think I might give the bell method a go, He's a clever pup so I don't see why he shouldn't catch on quickly. :emtthumbs:
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