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My Oakley!

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Here are just a couple pics of my little guy. The first was his very first night home and the last is my little munchkin at the lake. I think he's part fish. He has loved water since the day I got him! I have to shut my bathroom door or he will jump in the shower with me. He just loves to swim.  We usually go every day in the summer.  These boxers are so much fun!

I'm sorry about the posting issues, I can't figure out how to post them nicely like you guys all do. I'll get it eventually!


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aaawwww he's so cute!....funny you should mention the shower thing Gaby does the same to me, if I let her, she would just hop on in :lol:....I can't wait until this summer, I'm gonna take her swimming at the beach :D
How cute.  Swimming has to be the best part of summer!
He looks great swimming in the lake! Such a cutie!
I can't wait to take Binga and Bear swimming.  Binga loves the water hose AND would get in the shower if I let her.  Silly dogs.

He is a cutie!  I love the sleeping pics.
What a cutie he is, love the sleeping picture too.
What a cutie!  We're looking for a place to take Allie since she loves the water too.  We took her all over in WA state and her favorite place was Ocean Shores.  She couldn't swim there but she could wade.  She swan in Hood Canal though and loved it.  She too jumps in the shower or bath tub (when there are bubbles) with me.
Looks like a good swimmer!  Sadie likes the water, Charlie hates it.  I accept full responsibility with Charlie though.  I did the toss em in and less there instincts take over.  That didn't happen and luckily my wife was right beside where I tossed him in.  He was singing like a boat anchor.  Charlie was my first pet so please don't kill me!  With Sadie, we used her leash and led her in the lake, she loved it.
Love the name and the pics! Welcome!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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