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My poor pooch!

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Hey everyone! This is my first time posting here, and I need some advice. I have a 8 month old little lady named Tanzy and I've been trying to find a food for her that wont give her super soft poop and accidents in her crate overnight.

We have a 4 year old Chocolate Lab who was on Pro-plan. Naturally we went with proplan for Tanzy as well, but the more research I did I realized it was not the greatest food. I then tried Newman's Own which was not good - she started not being able to hold her stool overnight (which she had previosuly done). Then, we tried Merrick for them both, and I stupidly bought the turducken formula which gave her extremely bad diahhrea/gas and the same problem with the pooping in the crate (the lab has gas from it, and his stools are much softer - but I figured anything would be softer since the proplan made their poop so hard.) By the way, we take her out often and I did expect some problems/issues changing their food. SO now on to Canidae - seemed to make the stool a little bit firmer (still very soft) and then we noticed the mucus in the poop, gave her meds for colitis which ended last week. Well, now she's pooping in her crate again - very very very loose stool.

I gradually changed her food over appx 2-3 week periods. She has been on only Canidae for about 2 weeks. I know I must sound like a moron. I feel awful for "doing" this to her. I just do not know what to do. Give the canidae more time? Try another food? Her coat is okay and she isn't showing signs of being alergic to the food - it's just the poop issue. She also enjoys eating it after she's done it in her crate... I just don't know what to do anymore... :(
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I'm definitely no expert, but you might try adding a little pure pumpkin to her food. We have done that with Cosmo and it really hardens his poop up. Plus, he really really likes it! It's worth a shot.
PUMPKIN!!! My Lucy had a terrible time with diarrhea and soft stools. Someone on here recommended adding a heaping teaspoon of canned 100% pure pumpkin to her food and it firmed up in no time at all. Just make sure it is not the pumpkin pie stuff - it has to be 100% pure pumpkin.
Awesome. My bff is a vet tech, and she suggested pumpkin to make her stop wanting to eat her stool - and now that I know it will firm it up I will try it for sure.

Please feel free to throw any more suggestions out there!!!
It took me about 6 months to find the right food for Kiah and it ended up being the ProPlan Natural Salmon and brown rice.  the richer foods gave her terrible problems with vomiting, soft poo and going so often.  I figure with all that she couldn't be getting the nutrition she needed so ProPlan may not be the best food but it is definately the best for her.  Her coat is awesome and she is so healthy.
Yup, try the pumpkin.. but be careful- a little bit is good to make it firmer, but too much will make stools softer. (it is also recommended for constipation)
My boy Charlie is prone to loose stool, the best food I've found thusfar is Solid Gold Mmellinia.
About a teaspoon of pumpkin is all you will need.....Sometimes it doe stake awhile to find the right food, so don't get too discouraged...Something else you can do is read thru the Sticky topics on dog food, select some and write to the companies for samples as well....
Thanks, everyone!

I have a couple samples coming my way. I'll try the pumpkin tonight. How long was it before you noticed a difference? I kept her in my room last night and she woke me up 3 times to poop :(
Poor baby! :(
We've never had loose poo problems, thank God!
We have noticed that if Henry gets chicken-based food, it makes him vomit.
We use Nutro Natural Choice Lamb Meal and Rice.  It's working really well for us.
Good luck!
From what I noticed, the pumpkin works real quick, so you should see a change soon....
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