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My sweet girl will be home Friday!!!

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Pua gets to come home at a little over 7 weeks!  She will be 8 weeks on Halloween...but, as we have to make a trip over to the coast this weekend to drop the boys(my sons) with their Dad, we will pick her up while we are over there on Friday! :) I am VERY excited...Paula said she is growing beautifully and eating very, very well...I can hardly wait! Here is a pic she emailed tonight of her playing with her brothers and sisters in the backyard playbox! :) She has such a pretty Red fawn color on her ear...with black outline on one edge and going up to her left eye...her nose is SO black already!

I can hardly wait!!!!!!!!!
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She is so cute. Congrats on the new addition have a safe trip to pick her up.
Thank you...we actually make trips like this every to drop off and another to pick the boys back up(we are in central Washington state and their dad is in Oregon)...but, this time there is a bonus to the long drive! :)
AHHHHH too lucky! keep your fingers crossed for me that everything goes as planned for me and Mav can have a sister in the new year. Right now he is doing really well with behavior etc but who knows! Congrats on Pua. I love white pups.
Just curious.  How many miles one way?
I ask because we think it's funny how people in other states complain about having to drive to another state for whatever.
Here, you can drive for 12 hours straight and still be in Texas! :wink:
I know you guys are excited!!!!!! She is a cutie!!!!!
She is adorable!  :D
How exciting!!! I'm very happy for your and your family.  This trip will be very fun for all of you and a great chance for everyone to bond with the new baby!!!  I know we can count on your for more pictures.  Can't wait to see them.  Be safe!!!
I just got my new puppy on Saturday, it is such a wonderful time puppyhood. Congrates on your new baby and I hope you will enjoy her as much as I am enjoying Delila.
Have a safe trip and post pictures as soon as you get back.
[quote="Zhanna\";p=\"40737":2e2f4zyf]Just curious.
So how do I get to your house to jack her? LOL I know that the anticipation is the worst and also the most exciting. Congrats!
LOL! THanks!  The anticipation is just about killing me...I was a little nervous about asking to pick her up a few days early...but, the ABC code says 7, I think we are ok...she said she wouldn't have agreed exccept she knows I am dedicated to the care of our babies! :) We are very careful with them...and she will have Mic and Indy to finish off anything she might have missed in those last four days with her litter...

I love her colors...she looks like a little redhead! :)
AAAAAAhahahahahahahahahahaha Jeanene...Traffic in Honolulu...Now THAT is traffic.  An hour and a half to drive 20 miles.  Ridiculous!!!

I'm so happy she's coming home.  Maybe I'll have to come see you just as an excuse to see Pua and the boys?!...

Keep me posted on their training...
[quote="lillyzmomma\";p=\"40840":jikgeqk2]AAAAAAhahahahahahahahahahaha Jeanene...Traffic in Honolulu...Now THAT is traffic.
Omg!!!!  You're so right...Where do they put all these old cars?  And why does EVERYONE on the island HAVE to have a car?  

I've done that Saturday morning parking lot on H-1.  I've also had the fun experience of driving about the island after am earthquake when ALL power is out and NO ONE has any traffic lights and have decided that its okay to drive likel they've lost their ever loving minds...  This place kills me!!!
Congratulations!  She's such a cutie!  Have a safe trip :D
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