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What name do you like best

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Name for the new puppy

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Ok we narrowed it down to three names......What do you like :)
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This is a picture of him to help you decide.  Adam said he looks mad in this picture :)  He's probably like me doesn't like to get disturbed when he is sleeping
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I had a hercules... Good name... :)
Hercules was my favorite at first too but he seems so quiet and shy that I am thinking Bentley....Adam likes Levi...So we shall see.
Honestly i really like the name Levi for him because it is different and it seems to really suit his face. beautiful puppy tell them to send me one!
I think he looks like a Bentley..........He is adorable :)
Bentley!  :)
i love the name levi!!. there is a little boy at my daughters school named levi and he soooo cute and soooo silly and has so much energy, kinda like a boxer.
he looks a little snazzy to me so i went with Bentley.
I love Bentley...Levi is Adam's pick but I don't know....I think he looks more like a Bentley. My mom hates all the names I came up with she wants me to name him Bruno.  But he looks to sweet for a Bruno :)
I am 99% sure we are going with Bentley.
Levi for me.  I like Hercules, but alot of pets have that name.  I wasn't aware that Sadie would be a popular female name.
I like Bentley!

(especially since I think the woo-woos have a tendency to sound like they're saying "vroom vroom")

I know a beagle thats name is Sadie but she's naughty.  Adam is the one that picked Levi but he told me it was my decision in the end since this boxer will be my dog (what he doesn't know is Duke is my dog too  :wink: he just thinks Duke is his).  But I don't know...Its so hard to pick names.
He looks like a Levi to me ;)
i am still holding out for levi! :lol:
So we have decided to go with Bentley....Thank you for all the help.  I was really convince with Hercules until this poll so I'm glad I did it I think he is much more a Bentley then a Hercules.
TyRel, glad you guys decided on a name! your mom is going to be disappointed it isn't Bruno! :lol:
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