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Natures recipe

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I had switched my dogs over to Canidea but my allergy prone Pit bull isn't doing so good on it so I am going to switch again :(  I would like to feed all 3 the same food. I have looking and looking at dog food so much my eyes are KILLING me :wink:  Natures recipe makes a venison food I am thinking about. Any one have any ideas on this food? Before Canidea I was feeding Solid Gold, but it became too expensive for all 3 to eat, but I do want all of them to eat a good food....maybe Nash sould just eat the solid gold and the others eat something else?
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Does your Pit have a food allergy? Is that why he's not doing as well on the Canidae? Nature's Recipe is not that good of food, check out the sticky I have posted in the health section of the list that the Whole Dog Journal published reagrding premium foods. Obviously it would be a lot easier to have all 3 on the same food, but it may not be possible depending on your Pit's allergy. A lot of dogs have issues with corn, so definitely steer clear of any food containing corn. A good substitute is Lamb & Rice, or duck.
Yes, unfortunatly he has food allergies :cry:  I started going to all the websites for the foods in the food sticky last night :think:  So many choices!! lol. My dear Hubby doesn't understand why I am so concerned about food, if it were up to him they would eat something like purina 8O I think I drive him nuts!! LOl
The things we do for our babies, huh? Blue Buffalo is a good one, altho my 2 did have issues with it regarding loose stools, but I believe that is what SharonL feeds and has no problem..Buy the smallest amount you can and experiment...Also, Dr Fosters & Smith sells their brand which is on the list and looks very good... :)
Natural Balance makes some good formulas you can try. They have a potato and duck formula, or a sweet potato and fish formula, or a vegetarian formula if you think that Nash may have a meat protein allergy. They have an organic formula as well. Good luck finding a food that works for all 3.  :wink:
one of my parents labs is allergic to nearly everything. Both their dogs eat natures balance, and they both do very well on it.

and no allergic reactions.
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