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NE OHIO, anyone interested in "Yappy Hours" at Wolf Creek Winery?

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Yappy Hours at Wolf Creek Winery
2637 S Cleveland Massillon Rd
Norton OH 44203-6417

Tuesday, October 12th
5:00–8:00 p.m.
The Great Room
$10 per person at the door, includes raffle entry, glass of wine and goodies for your dog. $5 per person for non-drinkers, includes soda or bottled water.


I have been wanting to take Medwin to this for a while now, I think it sounds like a lot of fun. I'm slightly hesitant about taking Dahnke at this point, but we'll see...

I also want to take Medwin out for his first Dog Park experience, (Dahnke too, but not till I've had her long enough that I know what to expect from her) (I'm the over-protective Mom-type... I carry a diaper bag with dog stuff anytime we leave the house...) I think I'm afraid of strange dogs, which is weird b/c two of our hot spots frequently have fosters...

Anyways, I'm taking the plunge and put the wine event in my planner in ink. If it's in the planner it's law... (Ok, I might have some OCD tendancies...
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Holy crap, sounds awesome!!!! I will run it past the wife, but I'm sure she'll LOVE to go. We went to Wolf Creek a few weeks ago for the 1st time and had a blast.

Is there a dog limit? We'll likely bring both of ours...
Also, let us know if/when you'd want to hit up some dog parks! We're not too far from you here in Akron (wife is from and has family in Canton/perry twp) and we're always up for Boxer play dates!!
What are your concerns with dog parks? They can be a GREAT experience if all goes well, but as you may have read and/or heard, there CAN be a bad owner/pet in there that ruins the experience for the day. It's usually not a big deal though...if it's that bad of a situation, then you just leave and hope for a better day next time!

We haven't had many bad experiences though, so we usually take Tyson and Apollo at least once a week to the Akron dog park, since it's so close, and we try to make it up to Bow Wow Beach in Stow as often as we can as well, since it's a doggie euphoria!!!
I wish we could find somewhere big enough for it to JUST be boxers! That was awesome when we had my 2, and Katie's 5 in the park all by ourselves!! hahaha A guy I used to work with has 2, and a guy I work with now has 1...I'm probably forgetting other people that have them too. lol
Honestly, and I know it may sound strange, but I would just dive right into the situation and go from there. You don't and won't know how they'll act until you put them in the situation...up till then, it's all just speculation.

Tyson had ALOT of problems when we got him. He was an abused rescue, that if the shelter would've evaluated correctly, probably would've been put down for his food and medical aggression! His first few dog park experiences weren't very good...he'd growl and bark at certain people, got into a few dominance matches with other dogs, and for some reason, he likes to pester small dogs. So all this had us feeling like a-holes with the unruly dog in the park, but I swear, it didn't take long for him to learn his manners, and now he's a GREAT dog and usually well behaved at parks. There might be a scuffle every now and then, but that's gonna happen, and he listens to us when we tell him to knock it off. Usually, people will act wierd towards you anyway though, cause they always mistake boxer play for aggression. We've had that happen to us a few times, where the owner will take their dog home because Tyson wouldn't stop trying to play with it...haha

Apollo has such a sweet tempement, we took him to the park a week after we had him! lol He does great with all the dogs, but he doesn't listen too well in distracting situations like that...still working on that.
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We'll give you the full rundown on tuesday I'm sure. haha But yea, socialization goes a LONG way!
Same here, but we only live 20 mins away, so we'll plan on being there at 6 too. Maybe the goats will be in the barn, and we can let the dogs off leash! Yea right...haha I know our boys will be getting a little stir crazy after long just sitting there next to us on a short leash. lol

Are you just bringing your boy then?
Sounds good. We'll see you at 6!
It was great meeting another local boxer fanatic as well!! Let us know when you're available, and we'll set something up. We could try a smaller park at 1st, to break them in slowly. Plus, as nice and sunny as it may be this weekend, and from here on out, the parks might not be too busy because of the chill in the air...
That's my sunday afternoon as well...LOL

Apollo has a vet appt. at 9:40 for his worm issue, so as long as they don't have him on any kind of whacky meds, we should be out around 11-11:30. We could just say, noon at the Akron dog park on Memorial Parkway. It's usually not too packed, and quite a bit smaller than BWB. How's that sound?
Are you familiar with where it is?
Yup, that's it!
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