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Neat tip for fence jumpers

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A manager at our local Tractor Supply has 5 boxers and when hubby was in checking out fencing one day he told her he was worried about a 5 ft fence not being tall enough. She said her solution was long sections of PVC pipe strung on a sturdy nylon clothes line and run just above the top of the fence. The theory being that when the dogs front feet come in contact with the PVC it rolls and they can't get enough traction to pull over  the fence. Have never tried it so can't really say it works, but she swears by it! I would think with chain link fencing they could just vault over using hind legs, but for wood fences it seems reasonable. Just thought I'd share since we have had some stories about jumpers lately :D
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Duke doesn't jump our fence luckily but I swear if he wanted to he could easily clear it.
Hmm, nice idea Lori..We actually debated whether to get a 5ft or 6ft fence..Samson isn't a jumper by no stretch of the imagination, Angel isn't really either..Marq actually said he could do something like that if it became an issue, so I will pass this on to him
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