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Need help deciding which dog to get

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We are all set to get a puppy boxer. I have been looking all over for a good breeder. I am fairly comfortablewith one breeder, but have yet to meet them and see how things are run. This forum convinced me to look for medical tests and such, and stay away from BYB. With that said, my friend just called, and said that a friend of a friend actually is looking to put their pet boxer in a good home. It is 2-3 years old, female. (We are looking for a male, but that is probably the least important aspect for us). My friend is getting details for me, like if she has been spayed and/or any medical conditions. Then I may call them. I am 95% that this dog did NOT come from a "reputable" breeder that did all the testing. Most people I have talked to, think I am crazy for spending $950 for a dog, but I know better.

Anyways, this will be our first family pet. I know pups are a challenge, but we have read up on them and are ready to dedicate our time. But do you guys think it may be a good idea to take on a young adult instead? I was insistent on a pup, so we could raise him/her with our 3 and 12 year old kids. They have 3 very small kids, and that is actually why they are getting rid of the dog, they said they don't have the time to dedicate to the dog anymore :(

And since it is most likely from a BYB, what things should I look for? Obviously a visit to our vet for a checkup. If they have had no health issues, and she gets a good visit to our vet, would you recommend her? I guess it is not much different than getting one from the shelter, but atleast I should know more about it's temperament. I think the whole family will be a bit disappointed about not getting a "puppy", but in reality it may benefit us. No potty training, etc...?
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Welcome to the forum! I would take adoptee boxer and introduce her to your family and see how well things go first before making a commitment. If I were you and things went well with the introduction, I would adopt her. I plan on adopting my next boxer, and any problems he or she may or may not have. Two boxers are better than one! It sounds like a possible good match though, the boxer being with kids already and you having kids too. Good luck!
I think it is a good idea also to do it on a trial basis, if you were rescuing there would be a trial period.  When I rescued Kiah I had two weeks to change my mind, although after the first day I knew that she would be with me as long as she lives.
I also think adopting the adult would be good to try at least.  If she is closer to 3 years old she will be calming down a bit, but still have plenty of energy for the kids to play with!! She may have come from a BYB, but the way I look at it at least you are not supporting BYB by buying from one.  Still, it is possible she could develop health problems.  Unless you get an xray to look for hip displaysia, other tests normally done on breeding dogs would be very expensive, well the x rays would not be cheap either!
Then again, she might not have any health problems!  You never know.  At least she should be done with all the puppy chewing, potty training, crazy amounts of energy and other demanding aspects of raising a puppy.  She will bond with your family just as well as a puppy would.
I wish you luck if you decide to go with her :)
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I would go for the puppy.  As a child, I always wanted a puppy and never had one....only adult dogs.  To me, kids and puppies are awesome together, plus you have the bonus of training the dog the way you want it can stop the bad habits before they are there...that's just me though
Some kids are afraid of puppies, they think they want them, but puppies sometimes nip and jump up on small children.  Whichever fits best into your lifestyle is the one for you.
I would also have to agree adopting the older one would be a great idea for your family.  If I was to adopt an older dog of any kind I would first check their temperament first and bloodline second. The key would be how she reacts with your children so make sure to take your children around when you are looking at her. It sounds like they have not spent much time training this dog which is probably why they are wishing to get rid of her. This will make her a handful for you. However, a puppy is a different handful: lol:

Boxers are high energy dogs with lots of power. Many people don't really know this when they get them as puppies because they are so small and cute. But once they start reaching 4 months the power starts to kick in and if the training isn't included they can be a handful.

The key question for you to ask yourself is if you can dedicate 1 hour a day of exercise for her? Not just letting her loose in the backyard but actually walking her and teaching her to walk correctly. This will go along ways to making her a great dog. If the answer is yes...then go for it...she needs a good home and boxers love kids and your kids would love her. Females are great by the way!! But I am a bit partial
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Well, I found out some more info. First, and least important, she does look just like what we were looking for, a fawn, with a black muzzle. Like I said before, I was sure it would not be a top line breed. It is CKC registered, and they purchased her for $400. So yes, it is a BYB dog. So far, no health issues. She is actually going to be 4 very soon, so older than my friend had first thought. As far as they say, the only reason they are looking for a new home, is because they just don't have the amount of time the dog needs. They have a 6 and 3 year old and just had another child. So "hopefully", it should be good with my 3 year old. Here is the big problem, they live in Alabama, and we live in Ohio. They are coming to visit relatives, so if we decided to take the dog, there is no turning back, besides looking for someone else to give it a good home, if it didn't work out for us.

We REALLY want a puppy, and have read ALOT, and know the required time and effort, but we are also not rich, and being able to set aside the $950 that I would spend on a pup, and keep it for the well being of the adult dog would be VERY nice as well. sigh... We have read that females become more reserved when they get older. My older some really want to be able to play around with the dog, and we want an affection seeking dog. While we had our minpin, she loved to cuddle and all, but she would "have enough" and just go lay off on her own. I actually like the idea of what I have read about Boxers, following you to every room, and always wanting to be in your lap. Do older females lose this a little more than males?

Oh, here are some pics of her. I am not overly concerned about pure top line breed, I just want a really healthy dog. I would hate to get attached to her, then find out she is more prone to cancer or such in just a few years.


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She looks so sweet - I hope it works out and you can give her a forever home.
I'd be weary of the "no turning back" arrangement.  I'd also wonder about these people that don't want to meet you before handing their dog over to you.

We just had a recent discussion about CKC papers on the board, it might be worth skimming through: ... hlight=ckc
we just got a puppy (3 months old) and went to visit my family, I have a 9 year old sister who was super excited about the puppy, but our puppy kept jumping on her every time my sister got on the floor to play with her, i don't really know why, she jumps on adults too but it was way worse with  my little sister we decide that she was just "picking on someone her own size"  :lol:   so my sister mainly "played" with maple (our puppy) when maple was tired and less energetic, she was a bit scared of her.  just something to consider, good luck :)
If you guys really want a puppy I would go for the puppy.  Only you know what is best for your family.  In my opinon 4 years old is pretty old if you want it to grow up with your 3 year old.  I know boxers can live to a ripe old age but in the end you have to do what is best for you.  I would love to rescue a boxer but I also know I love the excitment of a puppy.  Watching them grow, how small they are.  I've resuced dogs before and there is a lot of joy in that as well  but I knew when I was looking for my next boxer I wanted a puppy and I wouldn't be completely happy unless I got a puppy.  I know that seems stupid but sometimes its what you want.  

Talk it over with your family, yes that dog does need a good home but if you get her and decide you don't want her then she will just be jumping from home to home.  If you are waviering I would say go for the puppy it will be best for this female in the long run, just in case you do decide you don't want her.  Being seperated from her family is going to be hard on her but jumping from home to home would be worse.  

Good luck I hope everything works out.  keep us posted.  She is beautiful.
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[quote="sully\";p=\"84213":231jxiar]I'd be weary of the "no turning back" arrangement.
Oh man, what a tough decision. That is one cute boxer right there. Well I really don't know what to tell you as far as your situation though. There are pros and cons on either option whether it is puppies or rescues and for me, when it comes down to it, writting out the pros and cons on a piece of paper will tell you exactly what you want. So I would get the family together and get a pros an cons list for the puppy, and get one for the possible adoptee. Be honest with yourselves and write down all the things you can think of. Go over the list and you will know right then and there what you want and what will be best suited for your fmaily. I know this seems like something you would do in grade school but sometimes the best things to solve a complex or hard problem are the most simplistic. Just an idea to help you through your tough decision.

As for the time you will have with a rescued dog.. The time is what you make of it, whether it is a year or 6 years or so on. If you make the best of the time then you will have no regrets and feel good about your decision no matter what. And there will always be puppies around (thank God) so if you decide to go withthe adoption route, you can always get a puppy down the road. But all in all, I don't think you could really go wrong either way as long as you are ready and willing to spend the time with new family member which you said you were prepared to do.
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If I were you I'd go for the puppy. You say you're up for the challenge of puppyhood, plus it is fun to have your children go with you and the puppy to puppy classes. Our children went along and it was a great way to have family time! I think it gave the children more insight on  being a responsible pet owner, plus Zues loved all the extra attention. My youngest turned 9 years old, but we did have a family that brought their children, 3 and 5 yearolds and the mother was expecting another! They had a mastiff cute...the parents took turns if the children got bored, but with the other puppies to watch it kept the children busy. (I'm sharing the story with you since you have a 3yearold).  Best of luck to you on your decision..what an exciting time! Can't wait to hear what you decide. :)
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DUKE01\";p=\"84219 said:
If they are getting her from a friend of a friend I'm sure they trust their friends opinon.  Its not like they are saying here I know nothing about you but i'm going to give you my three year old puppy anyway.  I trust my friends opinons.  I've never met the person I'm getting my boxer from, I will meet her on the day I get my boxer.  I've emailed her and talked to her on the phone a couple of times but have never met her.  It was the same with my first boxer too, they are just too far away for me to meet them first.  Sometimes you just have to trust your instincts.
You don't have to trust anybody.  I just would want to meet the people and dog first.  Plus the original post said it's not their friend, it's a friend of a friend.  In my experience, "a friend of a friend" can burn you worse than strangers.  I mean you're not buying a toaster here.   :D
It is a little more than a friend of a friend. It is a family member of a friend, but I do see your point. I thank you all for your help. In all honesty, For our situation right now, the initial cost and laziness would be the only real factors that I can find for getting an adult dog over a pup. I have the extra money right now, and with the kids at 12 and 3, it just seems like a good time to have a puppy grow up with them. My wife only works two days a week, when I am off, so we have the time. Who knows in a few years, we may not have the time to dedicate to a puppy. Our oldest decided not to play baseball this year, so his summer is free, so again, great time to spend with a pup. And every time I look at a pup video on Utube, I can't help but say, every time, ooooh, I want one!!!! :) And I really want to see my youngest and the puppy grow up together. So I am pretty sure a puppy is better for us.
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I like the puppy idea but adoption is always good too! That was are plan with Odin... Sarah being a little under 2 years old... they did really well together. He never jumped on her... sometimes running he'd knock her over but she's definitely not scared of him. I was just going through old videos of them playing... I think it's great! Here are the links...

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Ooooooh, and some pictures

Maybe it'll help you decide!  :wink:
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those videos and pictures are flipping adorable!!!
LOL those pictures make me want a child !  I already have the puppy!
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