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NEED potty help!!

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Bailey is now 12 weeks and we have been trying to crate train her. We take her outside immediately before going into and coming out of the crate.  I wake up in the night and take her out after 2-3 hours. She has already pee'd in the crate. Even when we are home with her she pee's alot. We can take her outside and she will go potty. The problem is, she will come inside and pee on the floor 5-10 minutes after she is out. I tried to take her out every 30 minutes, but she ends up going before the time is up.  Is this amount of pee normal?
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Yes. That is what my Chato would do. You have to study them. Try this, take them to "potty", bring her back in, then right away take her back. Make sure you reinforce positive outcomes, (treat for pottying outside). I believe it's normal that they will pee in there crate, but they soon begin to learn not to dirty their area, and this is when "bladder control" starts kicking in. It takes time. How long has she been in "crate training"? It has taken my Chato about 3 wks to realize not to dirty his "own place". Don't worry, just keep training.
Here is what I did to potty train Cactus... he has been potty trained since the fourth day I had him, which I realize every dog is different.
Everytime I would take him to go potty I would put on his leash and take him to the exact same spot in the yard... then command potty.  When he did we had a puppy party and I made such a big deal out of it that I swear he almost peed again.  I was told not to yell at him if I caught him peeing in the house because then he would think I did not want to see him pee at all which would make potty training impossible.  I also did not free feed or water until after he was potty trained.  I would only give him food three times a day, water five or six times.  After he drank or ate, I would put the food and water away, wait for 10 minutes and then put on the leash, take him to the same spot, and command- then praise.  I also never got him out of the crate once he was in for the night.  He had two accidents in there the first two nights, I think, but now he knows that once he is in there, he is supposed to hold it until I let him out to the back yard.  

Of course now that he is a couple months older, if I do see him peeing inside, he does get a scolding.  He did it the other day when it was raining really hard because he did not want to walk outside in the rain.... I was steamed.  So I put on his leash, took him outside in the rain!!! took him to his spot and commanded..... I waited him out that day, which wasn't long because he does not like rain, but still, he apparently needed to be reminded that in the house is not it!

Take this all with a grain of salt and do what makes you the best puppy parent!
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How much space does she have in her crate? She should only have enough room to turn around and lay down comfortably. This will encourage her not to pee in there.

Also, how much water does she drink? After you take her out, does she come in and drink a lot of water? I had to monitor and only give my girl so much water throughout the day when she was still young because she would drink so much all the time that she would have to pee all the time.
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