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need recommendations

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OK, so now that we know Mr. Henry breaks teeth, we cannot have any more hard toys.  I had to throw away half of his stuff cause it was hard! :roll:

Any how, so now I'm on the hunt for durable soft toys.  Rubber or stuffy, so long as they last for more than a couple of weeks. :lol:   We have a Kong, but he doesn't really play with it, he just sees it as a treat dispenser! :lol:   Been to the PetCo and Petsmart, but looking for something more/better.

Thanks guys! :D
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Planet Dog makes great rubber toys.  They are very kong-like.
sully\";p=\"77087 said:
Planet Dog makes great rubber toys.  They are very kong-like.
Been there! Great site!! Great toys!!
OK, I'll check it out.  Thanks! :D
Nylabone has some softer bones too. ... ble-chews/
What about rope toys? Felix loves these :)
Sounds odd... but...

The giant beanie babies are pretty durable- my dog has yet to "kill" his.

Hey Z, sorry I missed this...Try Cuz or Ruffians, they are rubber and hold up really well
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