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Another thing is that he might be frightened by your children - you may want them to assist you in some basic obedience - the dog will then learn to trust them too.  You can also have them walk with you when you are walking the dog - just make sure that the kids are right next to or in front of him.

Your 7 year old might be able to get the hang of feeding the dog (with your assistance of course) - teach the dog to sit and wait to be fed and then have your children put the food bowl down and to give the release command to allow him to eat.  This will give your dog the association of food with your kids which will help him trust them more.  

Agreed - no rough housing with the dog - probably also best that they not run/scream/wrestle right by the dog either until he gets used to the home.  My Chloe is used to the kids and when my two boys (7 & 11) start wrestling and/or running through the house, Chloe gets a little overexcited and ends up knocking them down and barking at them too.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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