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Nero's Photo Shoot! (6 pics)

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hes only 4 months old but 24 lbs!
Every time i would look at him with the camera he would stop and "pose"

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going up quickly! great pics of your handsome boy!
Nero is a cutie, I especially like the last picture.
he is adorable, I love the pics of him rolling around upside down in his blanky :D
Nope, he's not camera shy. He's a cutie and he knows it  :wink:
Awwww, got to love them "posing pups"  :) What a cutie he is
I love him...he looks like my little girl!!! If I could just learn how to upload some pics!!!!! He's awesome!!!
its funny i went to petco with some friends and while walking around i met 3 people that had boxers! and everyone stopped to say hi to him and comment on him. It was funny just cause my friend commented "Man, EVERYONE loves your dog!"
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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