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neutered today !! need some advise

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hey everyone my puppy was neutered today and he was fine until he came off his meds...he started flipping out with the cone thing they gave me so he couldnt chew on his you think i need to buy a muzzel for him?? i honestly think he might hurt himself with the cone on while im at work.
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Hmmm, I'm not to sure what to say about him flipping out over the cone....have you tried taking it off and seeing if he picks at the stitches?
Not sure a muzzle would help much because he would still be able to stick his tongue out and potentially reach the stitches with his front teeth.
No a muzzle is not intended to stay on for a long period of time, there are great health risk with that....
I know this problem.
My boxer JayJay was very frightened about the cone the first time ...

For the time JayJay had to wear it, we put away some furnitures, so he was able
to walk from his bed to his foodplace and to the french window without knocking at the things.
Outside the house he was only allowed to walk at the leash, so I could
help him to finde the way outside without hurting.

The first day was the worst. Then he accepted the cone (he did not love it
but he was not frightened any more).

Wish I could help, Duke didn't have anything it went pretty well, he only pulled out one stitch but that was the day before he was supposed to get them out anyway.  I hope it gets better.
hmmmmmmmmmm mine didnt have a cone..........try taking it off and see how he does.
Donner never got the cone after his neuter and he didn't mess with the area at all.  :-??
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