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Neutering my Pup

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Just wondering if it will change my dog (Chaos) behaviour or attitude.  I was told that an un neutered dog can start to develop a little bit of an attitude.  Right now, he as alittle bit of a behaviour issue.  He usually listens, but every now and again (especially for my wife) he doesnt listen (it take 3 or 4 commands before he will sit).  We are trying to keep the habit of saying the command once, and if he does not reply force him to sit.  Anyways, my wife is convinced that he is being stubborn and that losing his two little buddies will help this out.

The breeder told us to wait between 7 and 10 months before, and Im trying to hold out till 10 months.

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How old is he now?  It doesn't matter if you neuter him or not, puppies will test you and act stubbornly at times.  

The unwanted behaviors generally associated to uneutered dogs is chasing, aggression toward other dogs, and peeing on everything and everywhere.  From what I've read, those unwanted behaviors can creep in as early as 6 months but it's not necessary to get it done that early.  But as far as I can tell, theres no advantage to waiting so it's really whenever you're comfortable getting it done.

It didn't change my dog's behavior one bit, in fact I'm pretty sure he didn't even notice
I wish it helped....Duke is still a little might try Obediance classes....we are going to do that with Duke (I think we should have done it earlier but now is just is good he's one).  He was neutered at 6 months.
Bo is 11.5 months old, he is getting fixed at 12...he doesn't have any of the traditional behavior problems..he's not a runner/wanderer, doesn't pee on everything etc...the only thing I think he shows is his rocket a bit too are fine fixing him anywhere after 6 months, which is recommended
dungy is getting fixed next week lol
Apollo was neutered right after attitude change for him....he just now doesn't enjoy going to the vet...otherwise I haven't noticed any changes.
Nuetering more than likely will not fix your issue. And in alot of cases won't fix most of the long believed ones. Sounds like your pup is just being stubburn. Or perhaps your training method needs tweeking. Many times we find training class is more for the Human to learn how to teach the dog.
 There are advantages to waiting with a male till he is a bit older to fix. They develope their secondary sex charactaistics i.e. look more male if you will. Also helps in joint strenth and development I believe. Many agility and working dogs are not fixed early for this reason.  Best I can tell, the onlt true, absolute benifit from Nuetering is testicular cancer, which is then impossible. Most reputable breeders will not sell a pup without a spay/nueter contract that specifies a time frame for the procedure.
I agree that neutering is not a fix all for behavior issues, in some it helps but it will not correct bad behavior....There are many benefits to having your dog neutered, but no I dont think it will help him learn to sit :) Training is consistent patience and even Fiona will listen to my husband better then she will me and she spends 80% of her time with me....I think it is a firmer male voice she responds to right away!  
He is just a boxer and boxers can have a stubborn streak in them a mile wide when they wish to have it!
Okay, so its beneficial to leave it as late as I can for his overal developement?

Yes, its stated in his contract on what I need to do.  I dont remember the details, I will have to re-read.
[quote="Godti\";p=\"70673":2k8y7tda]Okay, so its beneficial to leave it as late as I can for his overal developement?

Yes, its stated in his contract on what I need to do.
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