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New Addition!

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This was VERY unexpected and quick decision, but we have added to our family.  My husband found him and wanted to get him.  He was the last of a litter and no one ever picked him  :(      

We wanted to get a friend for Binga, but were going to wait until she was older.  This little guy sort of just fell in our laps.  He is 8 weeks old now.  When Binga first met him she acted like a spaz.  Panting, and licking and trying to be all over him.  She has calmed down quite a bit.  He is the one that acutally growls and tries to jump on her.  She is very gentle with him which made me happy.  

last night he took one of her toys and was anxious of her reaction.  She didn't seem to care one bit.  I gave her a Nylabone and she was chewing on it and he came and took it from her.  All she did was sit and watch him.  I was so proud of her.    =D>

There is one thing I was concerned about.  He to me doesn't look like a boxer should at 8 weeks.  The puppies I looked at arounjd 8 weeks had more of a egghead and bug eyed.  Binga did and I keep comparing him to her, and I probably shouldn't.  He is a lot fluffier than binga was too.  I know that he is full blooded because he has AKC papers.  I didn't go through a breeder like I had planned, but we just couldn't pass up this little guy.  

We named him Bear.  I think its very fitting for him.  He has BIG feet and his eyes are droopy...   which I think is kinda cute.

Anyways, let me know what yall think.  Am I overracting?

Sorry if the pics are bad.  I used my phone.  Its the only camera I have right now   :cry:

Binga is so nosey!

big feet!

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The white in the face reminds me of my Tyson!

And Tyson didn't have much of an "egghead" either, and her is 100% boxer.
awwwww  he is so cute!!!!!! He looks fine to me!
Thank you!  I feel some relief   :)

I think a reason no one picked him is because of his stripe on his face.  Its not in the exact center and off to one side more.  If you glance at him, you would think his eyes are off, but they aren't   :)  His little face is fine...   his face is TINY actually.  Guess that is why I keep worrying.  Binga grew up so fast I forgot how small she started!
awww, he's so cute, congrats on the new addition, I think he looks good for 8 weeks, all pups grow differently depending on there inheritances from the parents, so I wouldn't let the fact that he doesn't have as much of an egghead as Binga did at his age bother you much....and again he is sooo cute, I can't wait to get a playmate for Gaby as well!
OMG - he is adorable! Congrats!
i think hes soooo soooo cute and sweet !!! and the way Binga is sitting with him and they are a pair already is wonderful !!!!

congrats thats awesome !!!
They look like they are good friends already.
He is just too cute! Congrats .. Hailee never really had an egghead and shes pure boxer.. again congrats on the new member!!! SOOOO CUTE!!
OMG he is so cute!!!  

im so jealous!
Yay, for puppies!  But my heart always belongs to the dogs.  Poor Binga, I feel so bad for Jetta, when we go out everyone loves Oscar and ignores the well behaved Jetta, she's like the five year old child becoming jealous of the newborn.
Thank you again!  I am very excited about him, but NOT about the potty training again   :roll:

Binga does GREAT with her potty trainting now so that is a for sure help.  I don't have to worry about her.  

I think they will be good friends.  He was trying to sleep and she kept staring at him.  So funny.
Oh and I make it a point to show lots of attention to Binga.  When she is being sweet to him I made sure she knows how happy I am.  I don't want her to feel left out.  She is my first baby!
Very cute.  To me he looks big for 8 weeks.  I would guess he's older.  It's always tough to tell in pictures though.  But you say he's the last of the litter and no one picked him, almost like it was late.  8 weeks is the earliest they should be released.  Breeders will usually hang on to them until at least 14 weeks before they start to panic.

Did you meet the mother?
No I didn't meet the mother.  I wish I did.  We had Binga with us so they put the mother up.  They told us he would be big though.  His mom is 60lbs and his dad was 70.  

I think I might call and ask to meet the mom.  I am curious how she looks now.
Jetta and Oscar are very close.        But between you and me Jetta is always going to be the "baby"

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OMG! he is sooo precious! looks like you are going to have a big boy on your hands when he gets bigger!
Congrats..i'm so jealous!
Jetta and Oscar are cute!
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