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new Aggresive pup

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I just got my boxer pup about um... 4 days ago. shes 8 weeks and is showing aggresiveness. When i picked her out she was people sy but great with her litermates. Now she wants attack my gf same age pit bull. I believe in socializing early but it becoming difficult when she growls at other dogs and attack dogs her own size. I signed her up for classe but not till december what can i do to socialize her?
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Here is what my trainer suggested when I asked about Cactus growling-  right when the puppy is doing it, come in, pick them up quickly and say "GOTCHA!!" Then turn them in a different direction.  It took about three days of constant observance of my puppy with another dog, but now he does not growl while playing.  This way you are not scaring your puupy by yelling which could make your dog think you don't like it to play with other dogs.

If that doesn't work, try bitter apple spray.  Hear growling, spray it on your puppy's nose.  Again it would take constant obsevation until the problem corrected.  

Best of luck!
thanx for the info, will try. Yesturday she woke up so happy and playfull and she doesnt growl ar fight with my dog in fact they play together now. My only problem still lies with my gf dog yesturday they met again and she growled and i quickly said no and gave a firm tug to her leash. They didnt fight but they werent playing either. My gf dogs is very friendly with other pups his own age so i dont know what the problem is.
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