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new and exciting news for baby!!! :)

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As you all know I live in a small town full of people who are judgemental and rude....BUT!!! as i walked baby today to get my daughter from school so meny people came up to me and asked how she was doing!!! I was so happy I started to cry because people are now just understanding boxer dogs in this community one lady said when she read what happend to me in the paper she was so ferious she called our town rep and had meny words with him and said if things don't change she would report this to the ont government and every news station in canada so he better send out some kinda message to the community to let them know about different kinda dogs... Oh and to the person who posted the find the pitty the town rep sent out that thing to every one and had a draw for any one who got it right got $100 to spend in town not one person got it right even with 3 guesses lol so funny and they also had a seminar to show parents different kinda dog behaveiour and different dogs..what I didn't know is there are 15 other boxers in this town but most owners just kept them in the yard and never took them they are taking them out more offten to show people that they are nice dogs and they are friendly I have also started a dog  peace in the santa clause perade where any one with boxers pit's or ones who look like what we would call pitty dobermans rotties and other dog given bad names can march in the parade for the human society an avocate for them on the baiisc of love do n't hate your  4 legged friends of course baby will be dressed to the nines in her cute new outfit her booties and hat samller dog go on a flote where they can keep warm big dogs walk along side I hope its gooing to be a cool experance for all the people in this town afraide to bring out their babies that they locked them up in their house or yard...I really hope this opens some people eyes on the whole ...OH MY GOD !!! BIG DANGEROUS DOG RUN HIDE IT WILL EAT YOUR KIDS AAHHHHH!!!!! bull crap wish me luck lol I am going to need it...Oh and not to worry we are socializing the dogs before we gon on this full day activity...again wow!! people really can change.
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i hope everything continues to go well, please keep us posted
That is great that people are coming around!   :)  It is just very sad that it took that type of situation for this to change.
Wow, That is awesome.  There is so much BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) Going around.  Especially in the south, however I am finding out that most people with a brain know that boxers, Pitties, and Dobermans are really not bad dogs...It is the people who raise them.  My town actually passed a BSL law, however after looking into the new law, they are really targeting Abusers, and fighters.  At first I was mad, but after I read the law, I was actully happy for the way my town set it up.  Good Luck to you and hope you and your newfound friends can bring a change and educate people who don't fully understand our family, (boxers).
I AM GLAD you and others are sticking up for all breeds. Good luck
Awesome news!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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