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New Boxer Documentary

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I found this clip from a new documentary on Boxers.  I will warn you, it's pretty graphic.   :D

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I was trying to get shots of him being active, but all he does is sleep, pee and play with squeaky toys.  All day long squeaksqueakgrowlsqueaksqueaksqueak.  :D
[quote="divajulia\";p=\"121822":2iay2tcl]Ohman. Now you've done it. I'm sure you've seen Oscar the Boxer from Brazil on YouTube? I'm in love with his videos--NOW I want lots of SIRIUS' videos!!
Sorry to make you all queasy with the savage footage.  I hope nobody ate just before watching it.   :D
Unfortunately, the squirrel suffered from a crushed squeak-box and had to be buried in the toy box.  It's all a part of the circle of life.  I think in a couple of weeks, we may see new footage of the elusive white Boxer stalking and devouring some canteloupe.  No, not antelope, canteloupe.
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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