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New Boxer Documentary

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I found this clip from a new documentary on Boxers.  I will warn you, it's pretty graphic.   :D

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I feel bad for the squirrel...can I dontate money to help pay for vet bills for the squirrel?
And this is why a boxer breeder that knows Melissa's boss says that he kills white boxers....

J/K Sirius and all white boxers are and should be loved...boxers should not be segregated based on color... Now this is when I go into the "I have a dream.... That all boxers should be treated equally...."

I called that breeder and informed him that he can give me the white boxers for free, instead of paying to have them put down.  And I will find them good homes for free.  I still havent heard back from him... and its been about 2weeks.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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