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Hi - I just stumbled across this post, which obviously was made quite some time ago. Can you share with me any information you have about Tall Pines?
The OP may no longer be here?? As that is not a handle I have seen before?? But since this came up and you asked for info, I dug around. And it seems there was some mention somewhere of there being two Tall Pines Boxer Breeders??

I could not find two but I did find this one.:

If that is the one your looking at?? I would be "extremely wary!" For one and just as a general rule ... they do give a healthy guarantee, so that seems good?? But it's for only one year and pretty much any BYB Boxer pup (although) not all ... sigh, can manage to produce a pup that can make it one year without issues??

So that one year guarantee does not really mean much?? What you want to look for is "Health Testing," of the parent's. And they make no mention of it??? Sooo that is not good, strike one.

So at this point your basically paying a "premium price," for the same puppy or perhaps better?? That you could get off "Craigslist for a lot less??" But if you just wanted to "roll the dice??" You would not need to be here!

Moving on .... the next "Red Flag," I see is the look of some of there ... breeding stock. I do tend to look the girl Boxer's myself ... so I always look at the Mom's first. So I did the same at "Tall Pine's," and while I am not a "conformation judge," or "Show Dog," in anyway ... I looked at Tall Pine's Female's and my first thought ... is what the hell???

For some reason I can't see "Olive," on my "Chromebook," but the other two female's ... I can see. And to me ... they don't look even close to right ... for a Boxer! So that is strike two!

And strike three ... yeah they have a lot of pic's of Boxer Pup;' and assorted other Boxers?? And I call "BS!" I recognize a whole lot of the pictures here.:

And I have to say especially the "White Boxer," puppies! And I have used some of those pic's in the past myself and among others there. This one ...

And don't see any mention of Tall Pine's Boxers but hey maybe I missed it?? But "assuming, I did not?? That would be strike three!

So that much said ... what do you want to look for online when looking for a Breeder??? Well ... yet again I have to say "No Affiliation!" But as it happens we do have a couple Breeders on here! And one of them is a "Mod here!" And her site, just happens to be one of the best example's of what to look for as regard's health "Testing!

FAQ In the FAQ she list the "Standard Health Testing for her dog's.

And this is one of her girls.:

And you know aside from an overdose of "Cuteness," nothing odd looking there! :)

At any rate to sum it all up ... if your looking to spend real Money on a Boxer Pup from a "Breeder??" They should say upfront what Health Test they do! If they don't ...keep looking, good luck in your pursuit and Welcome ABoard, :)
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