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Hi my name is Angie. I posted a really long message earlier but accidentally deleted it when looking for my Meigs pictures so now I have to start over, lol!!!!

I have a new little guy and have some questions that I haven't found in what I have read so far. You can only read so much, lol!!!

I was a wonderful boxer mom for 10 WONDERFUL years to Sadie who is no longer with us. I am now a new mom again. Meigs is 10 weeks old. He is doing great. I never had to "train" Sadie to do anything she was very smart. However I have TONS of time to work with Meigs. I have heard about clicker training but have never tried it. What do you all suggest? Pros & Cons? I have starting trying to teach him to sit (not getting it yet) doesn't want to pay attention. Is 10 weeks too early? He doesn't walking on the leash unless he is chasing Penny (our min pin) which I know he will get used to that. He has not used the potty in his crate but does have an accident or 2 if unattended (my fault) but I usually don't give him the chance. At what age do they really start to comprehend all the tricks & training methods? Am I jumping the gun with him? I'm all ears for new advice!!

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