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New Boxer owner. 7 week old deaf girl. Advice? Thanks

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Hi My wife and I are proud new Boxer owners.


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She's absolutely adorable! I wish you luck with her. It's great that she's with a good owner. :].
She is adorable!
Thank you very much!  I already am noticing that she is looking to me for direction quite a bit and she is already taking to some signs (come etc).  We are crate training her (any advise on this would be helpful too) We have a large crate that has a removable divider so we can make it smaller for the time being.  What is the best way to make her like her crate.  Right now she is crated when we go out and at night and she howls and barks until she falls asleep.  I'm not sure how to approach it will she just eventually row to like it?  (we have been leaving it open during the day and when she doses off placing her in therewith the door open hoping she will familiarize herself with itas a place to sleep.)  Thank you again for the help we appreciate it!
Welcome to the forum and congrats on your new puppy...She is a sweetheart....Nano gave you some very good advice and I can't really contribute much as I have personally never had a deaf dog, but know people that have. The hand signals will work really well from what I have been told and boxers are intelligent so your little girl should catch on well...

I wish you lots of luck and feel free to ask as many questions as you need, we all learn something every day, so it's a learning experience for us too  :)
I don't have alot to offer here but this is one thing that I read in another post about deaf boxers. This person would flick the lights on and off in a room to get the dogs attention then used hand signals once the dog was looking at him. Good luck.
Hi and welcome to the forums!! Your Sky is absolutely adorable!
I think Nano hit the nail on the head! I also use hand signals when I train, and honestly they do obey them better than voice commands.
With the crate training, try and put her in there while you are home, a few minutes at a time. Somewhere she will be able to see you. Give her plenty of praise when she goes in....also treats wouldn't hurt either!  :lol:  She will get the hang of it. Just make sure you don't give in to her and let her out when she whines, otherwise she will think that when she whines she will get her way. Every time she goes in the crate give her a treat, she'll eventually like going in there and she may even nap in there with the door open.
When you leave to go somewhere just put her in the crate, give her a treat and leave. Don't make a big deal about leaving. When you come home, don't make a big deal about it either. Ignore her for a minute or two, and then calmly just open the crate and let her out. I know it's hard not making a big deal about coming home to a puppy, but she will learn that the crate is her safe place, her den and she will learn to love it.
Good luck with everything, and welcome again. Oh BTW we love pictures here! Can't wait to watch Sky grow!!

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Thank you all... That's a great idea about flicking the lights I will try  that...  Thank you Tootsie for the crating advise I will start trying those techniques right away..  Thank you


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She is just gorgeous, Glenn!  White boxers rule!  Another tip for you, though - be very careful of her if you have her out in the garden on a sunny day, you would be amazed at how quickly she'll burn.  Poor oul Tink got a bit of a roasting last summer in under 15 minutes.  If you live in a sunny climate, I would definitely recommend putting sunscreen on her - any formula that is suitable for babies or children can be used on a dog.  Obviously, the best thing would be to keep her out of the sun altogether, but I know that's not always feasible!

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She is GORGEOUS!! I wish you the best of luck with her!!!!!!
One other thing on the crate training.  Good idea with giving treats and saying "kennel up" when you want her in there.  I just throw in the treats after the command and in they go.  Also, I let my dogs sleep in my bedroom at night.  Not on the bed as I don't wish to share my queen with my husband and also two huge boxer dogs, but I have their dog beds in there near the bed.  It helps them bond with you to sleep in the "den" of the pack at night.  It would probably help her if you took her kennel in there at night and let her sleep in it close to your bed for comfort.  They take right too it and will settled down well at night almost right away if you let them sleep in your bedroom at night.  

Like has been said, all of us learn something new about dogs and life everyday.  


Welcome/!!!  she is a beauty.
Hi and welcome. She is absolutely gorgeous! I don't really have any advice to give to be honest but I'm sure that with an extra bit of time and patience, little Sky will be a wonderful pet just as any boxer is!
My white boxer Daisy will be two years old in April. It's amazing how fast they grow up!

Thanks for all the advise.  I'm sure I'll be learning a lot for a long time...  Everyone has such beautiful dogs.  I've always thought the boxer breed was one of the most powerful looking and beautiful dogs out there and now I'm so happy to share the experience!!!  Thanks
Sorry, don't have any experience with deaf boxers, but I just had to let you know your dog is BEAUTIFUL!!  Congrats and good luck!!
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