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hello all friend.
This is Carol.I am a Pet owners,have a 4years old pomeranian.I am also an Amazon seller and manufacturer of pet grooming tools and lifestyle products.
This is my new design Aluminium comb,i want recommend to you see if someone interested in it. I have my own brand : LBMBAIC.

This comb is little different with ordinary type.
1. The hand shank is use aluminium alloy,it's very light weight but very strong.So if you are a pet groomer use it long time during working hands will not feel ache.The color is oxidized baking paint, no matter how long it is used, it will not decolor.
2.The teeth have tight and sparse two parts. A round, smooth needle it will not hurt your pet's skin. 1.3inches long teeth it can hair that goes deep into the underlayer of a pet.Especially a long-haired dog or cat.The most importand it that when i make teeth bend, it can recover easy but not fall off.So it extends its service life.
3.This comb especially suitable for use in the season of pet shedding, can easily remove lost hair.

In the product we do very careful, and always in pursuit of quality.Now have discount in my Amazon shop.if you like welcome you visit:

Or if you have any question can leave message to me i will be sure to reply!
Thanks a lot!

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