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new friend

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Picked up a boxer puppy today.  She is 7 weeks old and is brindle with a white mask, chest, and paws.  Her name is Karma and she is wonderful  :D

It has only been a half a day so not much more to report.  So far i couldn't ask for a better puppy though.

Sorry the images are blurry.  Couldn't find the wire to hook up the camera so had to use a webcam.

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She's precious!  I love her name too.  Let's hope the old saying isn't true....."Karma will come back to bite you in the butt."  :twisted:   LOL!
aaawww, she's so cute and tiny :D...welcome from Gaby and me!
Welcome from me and Phoenix...she is too precious!
Welcome karma! What a young sweet little baby girl! Looking forward to more pics!! Along with crazy stories!!
Welcome from Thailand. Love the pic by the door she looks so cute!
Karma is adorable - welcome from Texas!
Welcome from Florida. She's too cute!!!
:-h Welcome! Karma looks adorable!
Welcome to you and Karma, from Kiah and me.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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