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New from Ohio

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Hello all,

I just joined yesterday.  I am presently boxerless as my girlie boxer made her journey to the Bridge just before Christmas at the age of 12.  I will soon be looking to add another boxer to the family.  I do have a 12-year-old Golden Retriever.  

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Welcome to BoxerForums! Sorry to hear about your last boxer. I know exactly how you feel.
Welcome to the forum...I am sorry to hear of your loss....She will be missed...

This is a wonderful forum with a very nice group of people.  Keep us updated on your future addition.

Welcome fellow Midwesterner!  Sorry to hear about your girl  :cry:   I am glad to hear you are getting another boxer.  There is no other breed like them!  Keep us posted on your progress.  We love those little eggheads!
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