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New from SD

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Hey out there in Boxer lovin land...
I'm new to owning and new to the forums. My name is Jaime and I'm a mommy to four wonderful children  (9, 5, 3, & 5 months) and a loving fiance to the the worlds most amazing man... and we just found the most wonderful addition to our family.. she is an 8 week old fawn boxer with the sweetest personality.

I hope to get some feedback in other areas of the forum on how to's and should not's as far as training goes.. And I look forward to getting to know more about other members and their sweet boxers


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She is absolutely adorable!
Hi there & welcome to the forum..Your new addition is adorable..What's her name? Feel free to ask as many questions as you want. There are a lot of people that have had boxers for a long time and offer some very good advice....Your little one will make you laugh, she'll make you cry and at times feel like pulling your hair out..Lol..But oh what fun they are....Wouldn't trade mine for nothing!!  :)

We do require lots of pictures,,,love them little smooshie faces and coneheads..... :lol:
Welcome to Boxer Forums! Congratulations on your new baby girl. She is a cutie!
How cute!

Welcome to the forum...
Welcome! she reminds me so much of my chloe, absolutley adorable. :) You will find many wonderful people as well as advice on this site, jump in anytime!!
Thank You all for your warm responses... :)

Her name is Roxanne Brandy and we bought her from a couple who live in Minnesota here is their web site
her mom and dad were Jada and Sugar Ray ..... she is APR registered but truth be know I don't really know the importance

The first concern I have is that we are currently relocating to Longmont Colorado and I know that a move is hard for any dog much less a sweet lil puppy (so any advice on how to make things a little easier for Roxi would be nice ;)  )...

originally we wanted to adopt but after extensive searches we found the Brewster Boxers and fell in love.... and because we are moving into a townhouse with no fenced in backyard we were coming up no luck with adoption
It's just so sad that there are so many boxers in need
Luckily my fiance and myself have both been waiting & wanting a dog for so long that it doesn't seem a hindrance to have to take her outside every hour or so.. and she is providing the kids with a much needed distraction from the upheaval of the impending move.
Anyways wish us good luck and feel free to give any advice

Thanks   :)


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Welcome Jaime and Roxanne Brandy!  She sure is a beauty  :)   Your right, if she is just a pet, the registration doesn't make much difference.  Sounds like you have your hands full with the kids, puppy and now the move.  My suggestion would be to keep everything as normal as possible.  She is still young and I'm sure she will adapt well.  Keep us posted on her progress (and yours too!)
Hello, Jaime... and welcome to BF!!

Your new furbaby is just gorgeous!! Good luck w/her!! :D
I think that if you are a genuinely committed dog lover, then you can keep a dog in any kind of house, be it a farm with acres of space or a one-bed apartment.  Like you said, once you are prepared to take them out every hour or so while house-training, and then give them plenty of exercise every day, then you don't need a massive garden to keep a dog in.

Irish people can be very much of the "if you don't have a garden you shouldn't have a dog" opinion, but I always just point out the huge level of dog ownership in cities like New York, where almost no-one has a garden.
Hello & welcome
I think she will do fine with the move...Puppies are a lot more adaptable than you might think..Just stick with her housebreaking schedule and you should be fine....I know a few people that live in townhouses and condos and have boxers and they do very well...Loke Honeyec said, you don't have to have a garden to have a dog.....Keep us posted....
Hello and welcome- your puppy looks just like my pre-teen puppy!  Longmont Colorado is gorgeous!  How lucky you are to get to be moving to such a lovely place.
Well we are finally moved in and Longmont is absolutely gorgeous. Roxi is doing so well, she is coming along great with potty training. She still has some accidents but she's only 9 weeks old so what do ya expect.. :)


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Ahhh, now isn't that sweet..A tired boxer is a happy boxer..Lol...A word of caution about the walks..Until she has had all her shots, it's best to keep walks to your own property..Also walking puppies that young, they really can't go far..Their bones aren't developed...Rule of thumb is 5 mins for every month of age I believe.. I would check into a puppy class for her, it's a great start on socialization and obedience  :) ...Glad to hear she's doing so well..Keep them pictures coming....We love puppy pictures  :)
hi and welcome to the forum  / she is a cutie. i also have a puppy, she is a 11 week old white boxer pup name chloe.

everyone on  here . have excellant advice.
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