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So some may know already but we have a new addition in our house.. and I thought it was time to brag..we rescued a sweet girl named Lily from the shelter. Not sure why she got there, from what I can tell she was severely neglected in proper nutrition and perhaps abused by her mannerisms. She went home every night with a foster who made large strides with her training, she has been pretty easy going with training knows all her basic commands. She is keen on learning for the most part but I have noticed a little stubborn side perhaps that's just the female boxer coming out.. walking her is a chore so that needs work but overall she's a good girl.

She has been in the house for exactly a week.. and it feels like she has been in our house all her life. She is such a sweet dog. My husband loves her, and I'm starting to think she is more partial to him than me.. maybe her last owner was a man..

Started her on a raw diet yesterday I couldn't stand seeing her watch duke eat his raw meals and her eating kibble. So far so good. Drool all over my kitchen floors while I prepare meals. Lol

Anyways she is loved, and happy to give her a life that she deserves, didn't think I'd adopt after my mind was set on a puppy but I'm glad I gave her a chance.. sure she has more time to adjust and I'm sure I'll be tested but I like a challenge.


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