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New here- have 2 boxers, concerned about weight

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I am new to here. I have two boxers from the same litter that turned 8 months old today. Ender is a fawn who weighed 51lbs when he was weighed a month ago at the vet. He is 25 inches from the neck down to the ground. So he is very tall. He has thick muscles but you can see his ribs. He was 9lbs when we brought him home at 8 weeks. Valentine is a white boxer who weighs right under 35lbs. She is about 20 inches from the neck to the ground. You cannot see her ribs. She is petite but solid. She was 5lbs when we brought her home at 8 weeks. Ender is the one I am concerned about. Their Mom was 45lbs full grown and their Dad was 80+lbs full grown. I was told Ender is very tall for as young as he is and he is taller than all the other boxers in our training classes. But those ribs.... Is it true he is just growing upwards and then will spend the next year or so growing outwards? I have been told to give him chicken and rice but it gave him really bad diarhea. Help!!

I am adding some pictures. The first picture is Valentine in her sundress. The second picture is Ender at 7 months. The last picture is of their parents. The female flashy fawn in the middle is the Mom and the male fawn on the end is the Dad.


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Welcome to all of you! Your babies are precious and so are the parents...Lovely boxers...Ok, about the weight....Ender you can definitely see his ribs, but you want that to a certaing degree in a boxer, it's part of the look. He is still a pup and is growing a lot....I would much rather deal with a boxer a wee bit underweight rather than over, it's harder on the joints. He is quite tall, but he could be close to peaking as far as his height. What kind of food are you feeding him and how much? What you can do is give him a protein snack during the day...A lot of people take a mixture of low fat, plain yogurt, mix with some peanut butter and put it in a Kong, freeze for a few hours and let them go at it....Cottage cheese is also good as well
hello and welcome. It is very true that they grow up then out! My yougest is Reese, i believe she is about the height and weight of your girl, and she is almost 8 months. Can you see enders spine? that is when you know they are underweight. At no time should you be able to see the spin orhip bones. if you can i would try feeding a little bit more to see if he can pack on a few more pounds.
Hi and Welcome! I just wanted to say your babies are beautiful. I don't know much about underweight because my boxer always seems to be exact opposite lol So I'll leave that to the people on here who have more experience regarding that.
I feed them Nutro Max for large breed puppies. I fill their bowl to the top and let them empty the bowls twice a day. I even gave Ender the Nutri-cal you give hunting dogs- lol!! I will try the yogurt and cottage cheese. They LOVE peanut butter. I can't see his spine or the hip bones. But his ribs are very visible. His chest is really big and so is his head. I am hoping he grows into them.  :) Thank you for all the advice!! These are my first boxers and this is a great place! I am so glad I found it.
he will grow into them-just takes some time. my girls love cottage cheese added to their food. It is what i did to add weight to my savannah-we got her when she was two and she was underweight, not anymore though. she is nice and lean
I will try that tomorrow. Thanks for all the advice.

I love their names Savannah and Reese!!! They are adorable in their pics too!!

Rissa- Ender and Valentine's Mom
great pictures love the dress! My pups ribs are visible too it takes time and adding a feeing helped us! As long as he is  actively eating you should be okay - keep us updated and welcome!
My girl looked like that at 7 months!! Now you can only see her last 2 ribs but she was very active and still is!! I found it very hard to keep weight on her!! Just give him time hes still young!! Roxy started to finally fill out at 18 months!! Hes a GORGEOUS boxer by the way!! Lovely stack :wink:
Welcome from Kiah and I, your Ender and Valentine are beautiful.  Can't wait to see more pictures.
Welcome. Pretty pups.  My Bella is skinny also.  giving her peanut butte right now which she loves.  I also add yogurt to her food & boiled chicken.
Welcome!  Your babies are beautiful!  Great looking parents too!  Our Ziggi was like that, he is very tall compared to all the other boxers we have had and seemed skinny for a long time.  He is just now starting to fill out a little and get more stocky.  I think you notice it more when they are so tall.  The others didn't have this problem.
Your babieds are indeed beautiful and what a great idea for a white boxer to keep her from getting sunburned!  Welcome to the forum and although and although I am new to the forum too, when I got my Kane, he was a bit thin, but feeding him a good quality food, adding peanutbutter, treats, and a little canned food in with his kibble has him filling out really nice now.  Good luck with your babies.
Fiona is as well....All legs at this point.
Hello and welcome to the forums!! Your furkids are beautiful! :D
Hello and welcome to the forum!!!  Your babies are gorgeous!!!

My girl Roxy looked like Ender does now, from the day I got her to just about a year and a half old.  I got some great info from everyone here on the forum and I switched her food.  She was on "Iams Large Breed Puppy", and she is now currently on "Nature's Variety Instinct", the Chicken Meal.  She has put on about 7 or 8 pounds in the 2 months she has been on it.  She has filled out a lot and looks great now.  It is true though, that they grow up first, and then out.
Very pretty pups!!!!  Sorry I don't have any answers for ribs showing...I'm just learning too :)
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