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New here

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Hey everyone, my name is Leon and I'm new here. I just lost my beloved boxer Raja after having her with me for over 12 wonderful years.
My girlfriend and I as well as our APBT puppy are all extremely saddened by our loss.
We decided this week that we needed another boxer in our lives. So we just put a deposit down on a little 11 week old boy. We cant wait to get him home and introduce him to his new family.

This is Raja.


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Welcome from Oklahoma. Sorry to hear about your Raja. Your new little one will be home soon! Enjoy!
Hello and welcome!!! I am so sorry about Raja. I am so excited for you on your new baby...cant wait to see LOTS of pictures!!!
sorry to hear about raja. welcome to the group and im sure the new pup will be right at home in no time!
Welcome Leon and so happy you have been able to fine a new baby.  I am very sorry about your loss, but hope that you make new friends and enjoy yourself here.   We will look forward to seeing new pics of your new arrival.
Thanks for the warm welcome.
Here's a pic of our new boxer's soon to be brother.


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Raja was a very pretty lady! Sorry that you don't have her around any more. It's just sooo devastating...

You'll love it here... and we LOVE PICS here... so feel free anytime!

Is the puppy's name Bushes? He's such a cutie! They will have a blast together! Looking forward to see pics of your new arrival!
The puppies name is Loki, I guess my girlfriend named the pic bushes.
Hello and Welcome. so sorry for your loss of Raja and so excited to hear more about the new baby :D
first let me say that i am so sorry to hear you lost raja. no matter how much time we spend with our babies, it always feels like they were taken to soon.

i am happy to hear that you will be bringing a new baby into your home though. Loki is a beautiful dog and i am sure him and the new pup will have a blast together.

on a side note...where did you get that boxer statue in the background of your pic? i love it!!
I dont know, my ex bought it and took it with her when she left years ago.

I'm glad she took the statue and I kept the real thing. It was a fair deal as far as I was concerned.
Cool... I love the name Loki... almost named Odin that!
:D Hi everyone! I am the said girlfriend of Leon, and Mommy to Loki and Raja  :cry:
Hi! Raja was a gorgeous little lady! Sorry for your lose. She can never be replaced...

Loki is GORGEOUS... and I'm sure the new pup is too!
Nope, she can't ever be replaced....I miss her like crazy.

The new pup is a flashy brindle and we pick him up next Thursday
Welcome to all of you, so sorry to hear about Raja.  Loki is just a doll and can't wait to see pics of your new baby when he comes home,
Welcome to all of you..My heart goes out to you for the loss of Raja, she was gorgous, I have a special place in my heart for those lovely seniors as my Samson is 10....Congrats tho on your new addition and we hope to see lots of pics of him
Hello and welcome to all of you!!!  I'm so sorry to hear about Raja.

Loki is adorable.  Congrats on getting a new Boxer puppy.  Can't wait to see some pictures when you get him home.
Sorry for your loss.

Welcome to the forums, they are great!

Congrats on the new pups.  The little pit is just beautiful! :D
Welcome!  So sorry for your loss, Raja was a beautiful lady!  We lost two of our babies last year and still miss them everyday!
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