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New member and new mommy

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Just wanted to introduce myself! I am ebby, and I am a new mommy to baby Liyah and Luke...So glad to be apart of the forum

Mommy to Liyah(4months), Luke(1months)


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Welcome to the forum...Pretty babies  :)
Welcome from another 2 boxer family.  They are beautiful and will be a great joy watching them grow.  Keep us posted with pictures and stories of their progress. :D
Welcome!!  Pups are wonderful and we are getting so many new people with pups, myself included. Congrats on your babies-they are adorable.
:D hi there and welcome!! your babies are sooooooooooo cute!! what excellent names!!! michelle x x
Welcome to the forums! Your pups are adorable....I can smell the puppy breath! :D
Welcome your babies are too cute
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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