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New pics of Blaze

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I haven't been on here for awhile and am amazed at how some of the pups have changed, (especially Mia). Here are some new pics of Blaze

the boxer burn

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he is such a handsome young man! he looks to be having a blast burning about!!
Such an athlete, it's great you have a big yard for him to run in.
Blaze is beautiful! love the pics of him running in his yard not having a care in the world  :)
Blaze sure is handsome, great back yard.
They grow up fast.  How old is he now?
Is that farm land in the background?  Where do y'all live?
Now that is one happy boxer. Having all that room to run...Heaven..He's looking great.... :)
Blaze just turned 6 months. We are in a small town east of Kansas City, MO. Our backyard is pretty big and it helps that we have a retirement home behind us. The big open area in the pics is the green space for the retirement home. Blaze usually does pretty good about staying in our yard without a leash, of course he doesn't get to go out unless somebody is with him.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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