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New Pics of Blue

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I know it's been a while since I have put any new pictures of Blue up....  here are a couple of him before Christmas.  I was doing the laundry to come upstairs and find him like this all wrapped up in our blankets from the couch


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Haha! Love the first one...Have they no shame! :rofl: Blue looks great, love him all cuddled in the blankie!  :D
Lol, look at him showing off his "bits"..Yup, they have no shame....That last one is adorable :)
Blue is lookin great, love all the pictures.  It amazes me that they can sleep on their backs like that.
blue is handsome.. loooove the first pic
blue is so handsome! is it just me or has he grown ALOT? his face is changing he is looking more grown up and "manly" :D love the pics
boy he is relaxed in that first pic!!
Yeah he is getting huge.  When he runs into me when I come home everyday he almost knocks me over!  He's like a 60 pound bowling ball coming at you! hahaha....  He cracks me up, I can't wait till summer to get him a brother or sister!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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