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New pics of Logan 11wks

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Logan went to the vet today for his regaular check up, respiratory infection is clear he got his tempermant shot and is now weighing in at........22lbs gonna be a big boy!


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Ok can I only add three pics at a time?


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What a beautiful boy!!! The first and last pics are my faves. I looove his face! He looks so wise, even at 11 weeks LOL. He is a big boy! 22lbs wow  :)

Thats great news that he's infection is cleared!!
Great pictures!  He's growing up fast!!! 22 lbs. WOW!!!
I know I was shocked, just last Wednesday when he was there he was  17lbs he's been gaing 2-3lbs a week. The vet said he may only get to 60lbs or so and I just don't that will be the case. His dad was 80lbs mom 65-70 so maybe but I have a feeling he will be in the 70-80 range.
Logan is a cutie! Dang, 22 lbs already??? 8O
Logan has the sweetest looking face.  They grow so darn fast.
he is jsut the cutest thing ...awwwwww big boy... :D
Great pics! He's such a handsome little boy!!
Oh my, he looks soo much like my Buck did at that age, I did a double take......Glad to hear he is infection free and doing so well....Those are great pics...Yup, the first and last ones are my fav as well....He's soo cute..Can I have him? Lol, just kidding...
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