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NEW pics of Momma!!

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Hey guys here are some new pics of momma! Shes doing really well!! Seems to have gotten a wee bit bigger! I talked to another vet and he thinks that she must have concieved a week or so after she was bred because she is just starting to show! So that would put her back at about 5 weeks!
Anyways here they are:


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wow i see her starting to bulge out!!! Looking good Roxy!!!!!
So does that mean no baby pics until September? :(

Roxy is looking really good.  I can totally see her belly popped out now.
There's the momma!!!  Still looking great!!!  Can't wait 'til she has those babies!!!
Looking good.  Congratulations!

Liz and Lilly
There's our lovely Momma, looking wonderful....Cindi, was wondering how she was doing, thanks for the update :)
She's starting to look fuller! I love Roxy!

I was browsing the forum the other day in the kitchen and my mother was looking over my shoulder.. As I was skimming through she saw Roxy and was like "I want her!!".. lol
She is beautiful and I'll bet you are soooooo excited.  I would be.  I can't wait to see what she has.  Good luck to you and your lil momma.
Shes been such a ham!! LMAO You guys should have seen her do a burn today in the yard it was just too funny!! She must be feeling a little better lol She just looked akward because of her belly! Its the first time shes attempted her burn since a couple weeks ago!! She slowed down on her food a few days but the vet said that they do that around 4-5 weeks:)

TayMickey~ Nope no pups till september lol Hopefully the first week but the vet seems to think the second!! I think he has his dated wrong lol Cause according to my calculations its the first week! :wink:
Awhh... the little momma! She's SOOO GORGEOUS! She must be GLOWING! lol CAN'T wait for puppy pics!! OH HOW FUN!!!

The the boxer burn story... I'm sure most of us can relate a little to how Roxy is feeling... it's kind of hard for us to run or even walk fast by a cetain point!!  :lol:
She is looking so good.  Can't wait to see the little cuties; September seems like so far away :)
Look at that belly! She's such a gorgeous mommy..I'm so excited!!!!!
She is a beauty!  Those are going to be beautiful pups!
Awwww...I wish her the best of luck!  I so hope everything goes very well for her!  She is such a beautiful pup!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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