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New pics of Sadie 12 weeks!!! Pic overload :)

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Here are some new pics of Sadie. She in my eyes, is looking HUGE!! She still tiny, but she's very tall, and she has changed so much over the last month!! She loves her Bacon flavored corn chew.. LOL

She is learning sooo fast!! She can sit, give paw, come and she just learned the down last night (that was a little more challenging lOL) next will be the stay..still working on that one. I swear, I thought I was going to be doing all of her training but hubby has been sooo wonderful, he taught her it all!  :D


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Wow, I guess Ms. Sadie has changed!  She looks great hun and of course adorable as ever  :D  YAY! for hubby for helping out so much with her. You both are doing such an awesome job  :clap:
I don't know if you read my PM or read my mind but thank you! I was starting to have Sadie withdrawls  :lol:
Oh my gosh, it's amazing how fast they grow!!!! She's beautiful, love her eyes. Sophies were brown, I miss the expressions! Donners are so dark you can't see the pupils. We're gonna have to  look for the bacon/corn chewy :D
Sadie you are such a sweet doll!  I love your little face!!!  She has really grown and looks so fantastic!!! You and hubby are doing a great job with her.  I just absolutely love her color.
:D She's SO big! I just can't get over how fast they grow! What a doll!
She make s me think of my little  peanut at that age!  I didn't get Mag until she was 16 weeks old so thes pics are great for me to see what they are like at that age!  What a beauty!!!

She's sooo gorgeous! Odin says she's a definite cutie!!

That reminds me... of course I plan on reformatting my hard drive tomorrow but when I have XP Pro back on my computer would you like me to update your sig? It might come out a little different unless you just want a new style all together cuz' the spare computer I had all the project files (from all the sigs I made) for everyone have been wiped out. So I get to start from scratch...

Let me know!
Wow, Alexa she really has grown a lot....Looking just as cute as ever, but she has the cutest face, sometimes it just looks like pure mischief...
She is just so cute.
Adorable, I just can't get enough of the puppy pics.
wowwwwwwwo luv that last pic also..shes already got that "im too cute " face down pat...heeheheh
samsonsmom\";p=\"34483 said:
the cutest face, sometimes it just looks like pure mischief...

This is sooo true. She's a little devil! LOL  :lol: One problem with her being so smart is she tries to outsmart us!!!! We are having so much fun with her!!!

Thanks for all of the lovely comments!
Sadie is growing up to be such a beautiful girl!!! I just love that face!!!!
Tami-I could just kiss that face all day!  :D

Mastray-I would love a new Sig!!! Only if you have time of course  :)  PM me when you get the chance and I'll let you know which pics. Thank you soo much!
Sadie is growing up!  She's such a cutie!!  Way to go on the commands!!!!
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