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New pics...

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Thought I would update everyone on the babies. You all think Zora is full boxer. I have mixed feelings, dont know if its cause Im just used to whites. Oh well, shes still a cutie pie with an egg

Sorry so many...


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They are all such cuties...of course..I'm partial to the little fawn!
They are all beautiful babies!  What cutie pies!!!
awww Zora is so cute and she looks like a boxer to me just her snout is maybe a little long? well longer than your other boxers' snouts. She is beautiful regardless i bet she is a handful now. How old is she? btw, i love her name.
You have beautiful dogs, so playful it seems. Im sure you have your hands full with those three.
They are so cute.
They're all so cute!  I love the pic of the three of them....Zora looks so tiny!
Love the pics, they are all very cute. I love the pic of the three also, you must have had treats in your hand taking that shot...or they must love to pose!!
She may be little but she's bossy as heck. The vet seems to think she is about 12 weeks old. Her and Gunner are holy terrors. Zoie looks at them like there crazy. I think Zora looks so little in the picture cause Gunner is a MONSTER. He is only 10 months old and about 75 pounds!
Your whole crew is gorgeous!  :D
They all look great.Lol at Zora being a terror, it's those little ones you have to watch  :lol:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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