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New picture of my 10 month Boxer Puppy

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Luka isn't my little puppy anymore, but he still thinks he is!!!


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OMG he's so cute....funny how they always think they don't weigh anything
That is so funny - My Sam is almost 70lbs. and still wants to sit in my lap!  :lol:
Nice looking pup you have there. :D My boy Donner is 70 lbs and still thinks he's a lap dog.
Lol, they always think that they are babies, even Samson at the ripe old age of 11  :lol: Luka is a handsome guy
Aww he is so cute and getting so big.
HAHa That's a good loocking guy, yea he's not so little anymore.
good looking boxer :) great pic!
yep, there always happy when there in your lap, in your arms or touching you in some sorta way :lol:
Great pic!
Haha...Gotta love these babies!  :D
that is so cute! why do boxers swear they are tiny little lap dogs?! :lol:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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