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New Puppy Arriving

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Well the breeder called me and the Puppy Nannies have just picked up  Delila and she is on her long journey to me. Her trip should take about 2 days and I should get her around noon on Saturday. The breeder was crying when she called me this evening as she has grown very attached to this little girl. She wants constant updates and photo's. I not only found a new puppy I have made a new friend. The breeder would like to come and visit us in a few months as she will be a few states away at a dog show. I hope that I do as good a job training Delila as I did with Ekim because he is the perfect pet. But can a girl get lucky twice? I doubt it.  LOL, I don't think I am going to be able to sleep until Saturday. Another plus is that I am going to be getting out of the hospital tomorrw. All good news tonight,YEAH.
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Congrats!! i am happy to hear that you willbe coming home and your baby will be home a day later. what a great way to welcome each other :) It is awesome that you found a breeder who loves her babies so much.
Glad to hear you are getting out of the hospital and that you new baby is on the way.  How exciting - really gives you something to get excited about.
What a great homecoming present for you! That is wonderful also that you have found a breeder that will keep in contact, a lot won't....Congrats and good luck and let us know how the homecoming goes
This is so exciting  :D . What a great homecoming gift!! Like others have said, its so great that the breeder wants to keep in contact and that gives them so much TLC. I can't wait to see pics of the little angel.
Congratulations, only one day to go before you get your new baby.  So glad to hear you are getting out of the hospital.
Congratulations!  Happy to hear you'll be out of the hospital too!  It'll be a wonderful Saturday for you!  Can't wait to see pictures!!!
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