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New shaka is here- PICS!

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Daisy's new shaka collar arrived today so here are some pics of her-

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ohhhh very pretty! it looks so good on her!
ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! i must order one right away!!!!
Ahhh, Daisy looks great in purple!
Oh NO, had my mind all set to order Blitz the passion flower Shaka collar but Daisy's looks soooo good on her I'm undecided once again  8O Daisy looks very proud of her new "outfit" :lol:
Quick question: are the shaka collars made of nylon?  I love how they look, but Jetta is allergic to Nylon =(
Heather, that is a great color on Daisy...She looks lovely....JettaandOscar: the collars are lined actually, but you might want to check with Lori at Shaka Collars for the exact materials used
Oh very nice, Daisy looks so pretty with her new Shaka..... I can't wait until Gaby's Shaka gets here :D
grrr i hate deciding...but i think i did...Daisy looks AWESOME !!!

i sent her my order for both dogs and forgot to enter the credit card info hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

:roll: @ the blonde brawd(me) hahahaha

guess i might wanna do that huh? hehe get to that asap
Daisy looks awesome in her new Shaka!  :D
Daisy looks great!  That collar is fabulous!

Ky - you're a riot! =))   Funny thing is, you remind me of me!  HA!  Only I'm not blonde.  Been acused of it though. /:)
That Shaka looks awesome on Daisy. We just got the Shaka Laka for Donner with the matching lead. Very pleased with it. :rockon:
That collar looks great on Daisy!  I have the same one for Chloe  :D
Daisy looks great in her new collar.
Daisy is gorgeous, as usual!  I LOVE that plum color on her!

JettaAndOscar, I just PM'd you about an alternative to nylon.
Very nice color....woohoo daisy! Looking so fine in plumb!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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