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NEW - so not totally sure what I am doing!

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I just recently stumbled across this site.  I have a 7 month old boxer named Binga.  She is Fawn coloring with white markings.  I had been trying to find out what categorizes them as Flashy or not.  I found some very good information here.

I THINK I found out she is a semi-flashy because she has a white chest but it doesn't go all the way around her neck.  Anyways, I am very happy I found this forum.  I spent a good hour looking throught the photo albums.  When Binga gets older we are going to get her a friend, but looking at all the cute puppies its going to be hard to wait!
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Welcome!  Binga is a cutie!  I think she would be considered flashy.  I love those pics of her....too cute!
Hello and Welcome!!  Great action pictures....Binga is adorable!!
Thank you!  My sister LOVES to take pictures so we have quite a few of Binga.  She was sitting at the end of the hall with her camera and called her.  Binga came RUNNING and she snapped the shot.  In my album there is one of her doing the same thing, but she was a LOT smaller.  

My husband had a boxer when he was younger, but I am new to bigger dogs.  This forum has helped and I have seen I am not the only one out there experiencing some things.  Such as a rebellious streak!
That picture of her in mid air is awesome!
wow,, beautiful dog!  I love the flashy fawns!  Love both of those pics..esp. the first one
Welcome, Binga is adorable.  that first picture is so cute, can't wait to see more.
Welcome to the forum!!! Binga is a doll baby and those 2 pics really are cute....Love that first one...Flying ears  :lol:
Welcome to Boxer Forums!!! You'll love it here!!! Binga sure is a cutie!!
:-h Welcome! Binga is adorable. I almost blew diet pepsi out of my nose when I first saw the first pic. Too funny!!!!:rofl:
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