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Recently moved to CA and have enjoyed walking to the beach with my boxer.  I happened to see a lady (Lori) with her 2 boxers and had to talk to her about hers.  Moving to CA was a little overwhelming to our 15 year old cocker spaniel and he recently passed away.  Alex (our brindle of 3 1/2 years) is totally lost without her best friend!  After speaking with Lori, she mentioned that her brother had one boxer puppy left and she gave me information and we have been in contact.  Here is my question:  
What should I expect from my female and what is the best way of introducing them?  We do have a decent size back yard.  Our house is about have the size it was in Germany (yikes!!!) but the rooms are very large.  Each will have their own bed and bowls.  She was good around our cocker, teased him and would pull his ears, but never actually hurt or bit him.  Our little guy comes home on Friday.
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