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Hello! My name is Christi. I own a european boxer female, 2 yr old, seal brindle, spayed and about 65 pounds named Bella. My other dog is a Boston Terrier female, 8 1/2 years old named Abby.
Currently I am researching digestive issues with Bella. She has had trouble for over a year. Has had exploratory surgery with pre-barium studies done looking for ingested foreign material. I am currently feeding Frozen Biljac and oatmeal along with digestive enzymes, a 10mg pepcid, both twice a day and just added a Proviable probiotic to ward off tummy upsets and her need to mow the grass periodically. All other blood tests, enzyme tests, fecal and urine tests are perfectly normal. She is never not hungry and her poo is generally perfect other than when the grass comes through.
A recent visit to the vet resulted in a $55 prescription for Cerenia for 8 doses which appeared to me not to have much affect. I am also using a product called Tumeric Daily made by MegaFood that I sprinkle on her food once a day. It has antiinflammatory as well as digestive benefits so we are testing it.
The story is much longer than this but I am glad to be a part of the forum and look forward to sharing successes and not so good results with everyone. Thank you for the add.
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